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Prof. Dr. Andreas Jess, Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, in the future of his science, ethics and the question of how much earth needs man. Only available in german language.
Graduates in demand, which may be part of a diploma or PhD thesis in the context of an industrial cooperation are want to deal with various problems of chemical engineering. If you are interested please contact us immediately to get information about current offers.
Together with Peter Wasserscheid from the chair of chemical reaction engineering at the university of Erlangen/Nuremberg Andreas Jess published the textbook "Chemical technology - An Integrated Textbook" in february 2013.

Andy Gradel, M.Eng. gradel

Staff scientist at the Institute for Water- and Energymanagement
at Hof University


Research Topic:

Energetic usage of biomass in gasification processes
with integrated adsorption of tar components


Due to the decreasing availability of fossil fuels, the expansion of supply grids based on renewable energy sources is one of the most important tasks in the 21th century. Since photovoltaics and wind turbines are afflicted with fluctuating availabilities, the supply reliability has to be ensured by further energy sources. Current technologies for the permanent usage of renewable sources are hydropower and the energetic usage of biomass. A very flexible solution is the gasification of biomass to a combustible producer gas by partial oxidation of the feedstock. During the pyrolytic decomposition between 200 and 400°C, a large amount of tar components occurs. The term “Tars” describes a mixture of different, partly aromatic hydrocarbons, which can cause damage and pollution to subsequent components. A complex and mostly expensive gas cleanup is therefore necessary for the continuous usage of such plants and makes the process inefficient for the most raw materials.              
A new technology developed by the industrial partner WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH is supposed to reduce the amount of tar components in the producer gas significantly.


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